Our aim is to deliver the best surfaces to support performance and wellbeing. With that in mind the design team at Andrews Bowen has spent years in research and development to recreate the benefits of riding on natural turf in prime condition.

As well as understanding the way horses move over the ground our pro-rider experts have looked at how the turf underneath them supports itself – and mirrored nature’s solution: with a synthetic version of the grass plant’s elastic root system. The fibres we manufacture can be added to your existing surface.

We can GUARANTEE that the fibres we use are Pre-Consumer and free of any chemicals.

Stability Fibres

  • Polypropylene based fibres stabilise Andrews Bowen surfaces by providing a flexible root structure to sand.
  • This 100% synthetic fibre blend is an ideal additive to improve existing sand-based riding surfaces.
  • The fibres come directly from the carpet industry. ONLY immediate PRE-CONSUMER clean, new carpet trim is used, so there is no chance that carpet gripper, nails or other potentially dangerous objects are in the blend.
  • Dust and other undesired materials are removed from the blend as part of the process, leaving you with the cleanest, safest and greenest equestrian surface fibres on the market.
  • Better still, the Synthetic Stability fibre blend will not break down or degrade, giving considerably extended life expectancy for every surface.
  • *For optimum performance the finished surface needs to kept moist.

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