Dressage riders Charlie and Abi Hutton train on an Andrews Bowen Propell surface at Judy Peploe’s Stone Farm and point to the quality of the surface as a big contributor in their growing success.

“We think the surface is really great,” says Charlie, “it’s helped us improve and develop more confidently. Working outdoors and regardless of the weather the horses are really confident – the Andrews Bowen surface has the perfect amount of everything we want compared with other surfaces – spring, support, flow – it has everything right.”

“One horse we train we were seriously considering retiring due to lameness issues as a youngster. She doesn’t have the best joints. If not for this surface we wouldn’t be where we are with her now – she’s working at Medium and she’s out competing tonight at Elementary and Freestyle in the regional finals. This surface has given her – well all the horses – the right support and the bonus is it doesn’t freeze.”

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