How to get the best out of your surface for longer…

1. As with any arena, contamination can cause havoc with the performance of your surface. An absolute must is to try and remove all droppings as soon as possible out of the arena to reduce the chances of them spreading through the surface.

2. Every arena will most likely have diverse levels of use, meaning that each arena will need different amounts of grading. Regular grading sessions when possible are a fantastic way to ensure your surface is in the best possible condition.

3. Our waxed surfaces do not need any watering, however unwaxed sand and fibre surfaces will need irrigation to ensure optimum performance. The weather can help or hinder your surface as with windy or hot weather, the water content will soon disappear. Making sure your surface always has enough moisture content will help stop the fibre rising and sitting on top of the sand.

4. Every now and again it is important to rake in the surface from the sides and corners of the arena where ‘tracking’ has happened. This helps towards keeping the surface level and removing any rucks that have been made from continuous use on the track. The Andrews Bowen Prograde side plate attachment does this for you whilst grading your arena at the same time. As standard with any Prograde, the side plate attaches to the side of the grader.

5. To keep your surface at its best it is advised to ensure the depths of the surface are always consistent and when depths are low it is recommended to have a top up of surface to revitalise the arena. Andrews Bowen are able to offer a comprehensive maintenance package for customers, inclusive of surface top ups, relevelling of the surface and regrading to give a consistent finish.

For more information on our Prograde Maintenance Equipment please visit our Equipment Page on this website or for more information contact us on 01995 672103.

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