The latest product of our extensive research and development program, we are delighted to announce a new addition to our waxed surface range, Propell Intro.

Sister surface to our extremely popular and long established Propell surface, Propell Intro is an extremely cost effective surface that provides an ideal footing option for training, livery and private yards.

A fully premixed waxed, sand and fibre surface, Propell Intro is extremely versatile and contains the lowest wax percentage of our waxed surface range. Comprising of a lightly waxed pre-mixed blend of elastic, polypropylene and polyester fibres plus a fine grade multi-washed silica sand, Propell Intro provides a secure but forgiving surface that can help reduce repetitive strain injury.

Suitable for all levels of rider and discipline and like our other leading surfaces, horses are able to travel over the surface because the synthetic fibres act as a ‘root structure’ similar to the best turf.

If you are considering a new surface and would like further information on Propell Intro, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. It is available on either a supply only or full installation basis. Site visits are available.

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