We are delighted to announce the partnership of Global Venue Finance and Andrews Bowen to offer asset finance for all of your equestrian facility needs. 

The brainchild of former Group Chief Executive of the Jockey Club, Simon Bazalgette and former Chief Executive of Jockey Club Racecourses, Paul Fisher, GV finance have partnered with Andrews Bowen, to offer our clients the opportunity to finance their equestrian gallops and arenas, along with other facility assets.

Ever wanted to install a new gallop, training/competition arena, add a horsewalker, change your horsebox, build a new equine facility or purchase a water treadmill, but not had a finance option to do so? Launching today, Andrews Bowen and GV Finance will be able to help clients raise finance to install gallops and other sports surfaces, spreading the cost of capital installations over several years.

All arenas, gallops and walkway installations, will benefit from our unique Equaflow base layer, which not only reduces the need for substantial groundworks and drainage, but also means that an arena can be easily removed and reused at another location, should you chose to move. There is also a fully serviced surface option available, that will increase the lifespan of your gallop/surface.

The use of Equaflow as a base is not just restricted to gallops, arenas and walkways but is easily reusable elsewhere on non-equine surfaces.  Equaflow can be currently found under sports pitches such as Anfield, home of Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur’s new state of the art stadium.  Not only does Equaflow provide a high quality revolutionary base, it also can also harvest rainwater to supply other facilities on site.

The finance options available through GV are not restricted to just surfaces and will also apply to our increasingly expanding offering of our additional services such as stable construction and maintenance equipment.

For further information on the finance options available or to gain a quote, contact Andrews Bowen on 01995 672103 or email us at sales@andrewsbowen.co.uk.

Equaflow Explained

  • Modular design offers excellent adaptability to cope with any terrain by providing upfill where required utilising Permavoid modular high strength plastic structural ‘blocks’ that have a high tensile lateral interlocking tie arrangement to create a structurally competent raft.
  • This overlay design ensures there is no long-term damage to the existing grassed areas and prevents any high loads from overlying construction and maintenance plant from impacting on existing tree roots i.e. the system also provides root protection
  • No excavations necessary – particularly important in sensitive areas e.g. World Heritage Sites.
  • Large attenuation capacity available in order to withstand a 100-year storm event without compromising the surface layer. Discharge is controlled and stored water can be reused for multiple purposes including irrigation, drinking water and facilities supply
  • Around a 20-fold reduction in truck cycles minimising congestion and environmental impact compared to conventional drainage layers.
  • Manufactured from recycled materials minimising environmental impact.

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