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Stability Pro Synthetic Fibres

Stability Pro is a blend of elastic fibres, polypropylene, pvc granules and polyester fibres which provide a secure but forgiving surface that will reduce repetitive strain injury. Horses are able to travel over the surface because of the synthetic fibres’ best turf ‘root structure’. For optimum performance, as with all sand and fibre surfaces, this option may require additional moisture during dry conditions.

Our 100% Synthetic fibre blend is ideal for improving existing sand-based riding surfaces. The system will not break down or degrade, increasing your surface’s life expectancy and offering improved return and structure. Dust and other impurities are removed from the blend as part of the process, leaving you with the cleanest, safest and most environmentally friendly equestrian fibre on the market.


Guide for Stability Pro Fibre Installation

We strongly recommend the sand/existing surface is levelled to an even compacted depth of 5", the sand will need to be moist to achieve this. The fibres should then be spread evenly over the sand area and power-harrowed into the top 2" to 3" only of sand. This is to be done several times so as to achieve a good blend of mix. The sides are then raked in and the entire area compacted using a vibrating roller. Wet and roll several times. When adding fibres moisture will need to be added to the surface for the fibres to settle down properly.

Take care not to power harrow too deep as this may cause the fibres to become diluted and also may damage the membrane and/or base work within the top 2-3" of the surfacing.


  • The surface should be regularly maintained
  • The surface should be kept moist and rolled
  • Tracking can be removed by hand rake or side plate on the Andrews Bowen ProGrade
  • Should the surface dry out and the fibres rise to the top, you will need to rotovate/power harrow the fibre back into moist sand, water and roll as before.
  • The optimum moisture content for Sand and Fibre surfaces is 23%. This equates to a requirement of 50 litres per square metre from dry.
  • Regular maintenance with an Andrews Bowen ProGrade machine will keep surfaces in top condition.


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"The Show is only as good as the surface your jumping on". You matched up to and surpassed all my expectations, you did a fantastic job!

Northern Ireland International Horse Show

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