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Andrews Bowen ProGrade Surface Maintenance

Although Andrews Bowen ProGrades come fitted for both 3 point linkage mounting and for towing, we strongly recommend using in the towed format.

Download the Prograde E-brochure here 

Setting up the ProGrade

  • Hitch the ProGrade onto the towing vehicle with the ball hitch.
  • Wind down the wheels so that all of the ProGrade is clear of the ground. Transport the machine to the arena to be graded. 
  • Once inside the arena fully wind up the wheels using the wind handle until they are clear of the surface (Fig 1), effectively lowering the machine to the surface.
  • Check that all roller depth guides are set to the same level so that the tines are just removing the wheel marks. It is important that all rollers are kept level. Lock top link in place using the locking washer on each (fig 2)
  • Set levelling bar to just clear the surface (Fig3)
  • Adjust the top link so that it is slack, this will help get a better finish. If the arena is very un-level remove the top link for grading.
  • To use the edging blade, position grader near to fence but allow room to get round it. Remove the blade from its storage and position in on the underside of the machine as fig 5. Set the height so that the bottom of the blade is level with the bottom of the front roller. Drive close to the fence, the blade will help to keep the grader up against the fence. If the first pass does not clear the build-up repeat until the build-up is brought in sufficiently; this is best done regularly to avoid any big build-up.
  • Once the edges are pulled in remove the edging blade and put back in the storage position, then re-grade the track area to even up the surface again.
  • Once the arena is graded stop near to the gate, reattach the top link if not in place, wind the wheels down until all tines and rollers are clear of the ground and drive out of the arena, parking the machine in a suitable place away from horse traffic.

Daily Maintenance

The arena should be graded daily using the ProGrade during normal use

  • Set the roller heights evenly on ProGrade scale all round, so that the tips of the tines just work the top of the surface. Tines will need to be lowered once the tips begin to wear.
  • Levelling bar has to be on approximately 3rd hole from the top to just brush the top of surface
  • The blade to bring surface in from edges is to be used 2-3 times a week, so there is no build up on the boards
  • If a large build up occurs bring in by hand 
  • Depths of surface to be checked regularly
  • When grading, do not drive too quickly. We recommend between 6-7 mph - slow before turning
  • Avoid making sharp turns as this will dig up surface and cause thin areas 
  • Vary the pattern of driving fig 6
  • If lunging horses you should move up and down the full length of the arena so as not to make a ‘doughnut effect’ in the surface
  • If a lot of jumping has taken place in particular area make sure the surface is returned to a level state by driving over in different directions with the ProGrade to eliminate undulations, (in extreme cases some raking by hand may be required).
  • If additional advice is required do not hesitate to call Andrews Bowen.
  • Monitor wear on replaceable tips (on the tines) and turn round before wear gets to the level of the bolts (replace eventually). 
  • Having relevelled the surface swap over the levelling bar for the fine tine bar. This will provide a consistent finish when used with the main ‘S’ tines only just touching the surfacing. The fine tines should be set to just remove wheel marks of the tractor.

ProGrade Maintenance

  • Bolts and fixings to be checked daily for the first week of use and then weekly thereafter.
  • Grease roller bearings and wind handles weekly
  • Check wear on tine tips weekly and rotate before wear to tip carriers occurs. 
  • Replacement tips readily available from Andrews Bowen





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Andrews Bowen is proud to announce that the Andrews Bowen Safetrack Horseracing surface has been approved by British Horseracing Authority.

Andrews Bowen Safetrack Approved by British Horseracing Authority

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