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World leaders in equine surfaces
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Andrews Bowen ProWax is designed to function as ProWax Competition for home use, in professional training yards, livery establishments and for private horse owners.

Prowax is made from a wax instead of petroleum jelly, this combined with multi washed silica sand, polypropylene, polyester and elastic fibres provide a secure yet forgiving surface that provides support and elasticity.

Horses are able to travel over the surface more securely and better balanced because the synthetic fibres act as a ‘root structure’ similar to the best turf.

Prowax requires no watering, is dust free and requires only the minimal maintenance expected for a waxed surface. ProWax is an extremely consistent well balanced surface for training equine athletes at the highest level.


Andrews Bowen Propell is designed as a more cost effective waxed surface for indoor and outdoor arenas. It is suitable for home use for professional and amateur riders and ideal for livery yards and equestrian centres.

Propell is made using the same hard wax and fibre blend as ProWax including elastic fibres, polypropylene fibres, and pvc, combined with a multi-washed silica sand. It has all the benefits of a waxed surface such as reduced maintenance and is dust free.

GP Mix

Andrews Bowen GP has been developed especially for use in private yards as a training blend, it is suitable for a variety of disciplines and is applicable for use in both outdoor and indoor arenas, proving to be an extremely versatile surface. The GP surface has the lowest wax percentage of our range and uses the same multi-washed silica sand, wax and fibre elements as our competition surfaces and offers a forgiving surface to ride on. 

Encompassing the benefits of our other waxed surfaces such as reduced maintenance, dust free and no irrigation required, and offers a more affordable option for your arena.  


Prow ‘S’

Andrews Bowen Prow’S’ is a fully premixed sand and fibre surface designed for high performance. This surface is moisture-reliant for optimum performance.

Prow ‘S’ is a pre-mixed blend of elastic fibres, polypropylene, polyester fibres and pvc granules, plus a fine grade multi-washed silica sand to provide a secure but forgiving surface that will reduce repetitive strain injury. Thanks to its synthetic fibre ‘root structure’ similar to the best turf, horses are able to travel freely over the surface.

The Prow’S’ requires moisture for optimum performance and will require watering in dry weather. Prow’S’ is perfectly suited for use with the Equaflow water management system.



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Propell surface

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