Equaflow is a sustainable water storage, irrigation and soil conditioning system providing consistent high performance equestrian running surfaces.

  • Consistant High Performance
  • Sustainable
  • Harvests, stores and re-uses rain water
  • Conditions surfacing generally without need for pumping
  • Reduced running costs
Equaflow Water Recycling System

A system of integrated proven innovative technologies

  • EquaSurface

    Blended and Conditioned Equestrian Surfacing
    Structural Water Storage and Distribution Layer
    Adsorbent Water Retention Component
    Ultra Wicking Water Distribution Layer

  • Equavoid

    Structural Water Storage and Distribution Layer
    Interlocking modular plastic water storage and distribution system
    High strength and impact resistant
    95% void ratio
    Manufactured consistent substrate
    Proven patented technology

  • Equafoam

    Adsorbent Water Retention Component
    Foam has 80% water storage capacity for irrigation
    High strength structural skeleton & impact resistant
    Adsorbs water and releases on demand
    Manufactured consistency
    Proven patented technology

  • Equatex

    Ultra Wicking Water Distribution Layer
    Highly adsorbent hydrophillic fibres
    Designed water migration (wicking) properties
    Highly permeable allows water into storage & irrigation components
    Prevents migration of fine material into system
    Non bio-degradable - no loss of properties
    Proven patented technology

  • Equaseal

    Robust Welded Impermeable Membrane
    Designed for water containment
    Robust and puncture resistant
    Twin wedge welded joints
    Air tested and quality assured
    Proven track record


How does the Equaflow System work?

  • Equaflow from Andrews Bowen Equine Surface Experts

EquaFlow - The Benefits

  • Consistent High Performance
    • Conditioned surfacing
    • Substrate void ratio
    • Substrate strength
    • Hoof Support
  • Sustainable
    • Harvests, stores and re-uses stormwater
    • Conditions surfacing generally without need for pumping
  • Cost-Effective
    • Reduced running costs

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Andrews Bowen Ltd design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of riding surfaces, for arena, competition and racing establishments, alongside our range of arena management equipment and arena improvement fibres.
Leading the way in surface development, Andrews Bowen is at the forefront of cutting edge technology for surfaces and impact absorbtion with sound ecological values. Our unique Equaflow equestrian water recycling and management system has a multitude of uses in our highly demanding greener society, and we have recently added our new exciting stabling range.

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